Snowmass History: Softball rivalry, 1982 |

Snowmass History: Softball rivalry, 1982

Aspen Historical Society
A photo of Snowmass Company base runner Lo Knapp arriving safely at third base and Ski Co's Carolyn Cerise (Barabe) ready for a late throw during the rivalry softball game in 1982. Bev Blume is in the background.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

“In full swing” a headline in The Aspen Times read on July 1, 1982. “Leah Principe takes a cut during Monday’s game between arch rivals Snowmass Company and Ski Co. Principe and her Snowmass teammates suffered their first defeat of the season. … Snowmass Company was the last ladies softball team to fall from the unbeaten ranks, losing 21-20 to defending champion Ski Co in the bottom of the sixth. The contest between this year’s front runner and last year’s champs was marked by good hitting and poor fielding as both teams scored early and often.”


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