Snowmass history: Sculpture contest winner catches some rays |

Snowmass history: Sculpture contest winner catches some rays

One b/w photograph of an entry in the Snowmass Snowman Contest staged at the Snowmass Club. It is a snow-woman dressed in a bathing suit, grass skirt, hair, sunglasses, and sandals. There is a towel in front of her and an umbrella covering her. She has a bag and tropical fruit beside her. There are other entries and people walking around the site in the background. This entry was titled "Gidget Goes Bananas," and was created by Amy Dolan Grabb, Patty Kohler and Monica Martin. The photo is in the February 13, 1986 Aspen Times, p. 12B.
Frank Martin/Aspen Times Collection/Aspen Historical Society

“Snowbunny, Gidget top snow sculptures,” The Aspen Times wrote Feb. 13, 1986. “A giant snowbunny on skis tied for first place with ‘Gidget Goes Bananas’ in the Family Circle Snowmass Snowman Contest last Thursday. Staged at the Snowmass Club, some 75 people participated in the competition, photographed by the magazine for publication in the Christmas 1986 edition.”

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