Snowmass history: RIP Slowmass? |

Snowmass history: RIP Slowmass?

A band plays a concert at the Timbermill at Snowmass circa 1980. A caption below the photo reads, "After a hard day's skiing on the slopes at the Aspen-Snowmass complex, skiers flock to base area facilities for 5 p.m. teas."
Robert Hadden/Aspen Historical Society

“Snowmass After Dark,” the headline of an article in the March-April 1977 edition of Snowmass Affairs read. “‘Slowmass?’ ‘Yeah, you know. That mountainside village up Brush Creek where all the families spend their ski vacations and where nothing ever happens after dark because they roll up the mall at sundown?’ ‘Oh, you mean Snowmass! Yeah, that place is a real drag at night.’ WAS. Snowmass Village is on the threshold of outstripping Aspen itself in the nighttime entertainment field. While Aspen has all but forsaken live music for disco dancing, not-so-Slowmass has — count ’em — five locations for music you can see as well as hear. Hussong’s Cantina, newly opened as Snowmass’ first Mexican restaurant, and Fanny Hill’s Saloon, another eating establishment immediately downstairs, join the mellow Pepper Mill and two laid back listening bars, Casa Che and the Brush Creek Tavern at the Wineskin Restaurant. Though nightly entertainment is not new at the latter three, it is Hussong’s and Fanny Hill’s which are making the aggressive plays not only to save Snowmass visitors the trouble of ‘going down the hill,’ but also to lure Aspenites to the village. Patrick Desper, co-owner of Hussong’s, explained the game plan and the motivation. ‘There’s really no place to go, even in Aspen,’ Desper observed. ‘They all charge a cover and bring in local groups. Or they are disco. … What we’re offering here’ goes for Fanny Hill’s as well, where live music debuted last year on a limited basis. Co-owner Donny White noted that ‘every year Snowmass gets stronger and stronger. What we want to do is offer the people who come to Snowmass something to keep them here instead of making them go into town for their entertainment.’ Bob Kevan of the Pepper Mill has been booking live entertainment in Snowmass as long as anyone, first as owner of the Wineskin. He too stands to gain from a vibrant Snowmass nightclub circuit.”


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