Snowmass History: Music in the mountains, 1990 |

Snowmass History: Music in the mountains, 1990

Aspen Historical Society
Courtlandt Barnes and Triny Barnes at a Music Festival event at the Snowmass Club, July 1990. The Snowmass Golf Course is in the background. Photo taken by Margaret Durrance.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

Courtlandt D. Barnes Jr. was elected as Chairman of the Board in 1952 of the newly formed Music Associates of Aspen. A pianist himself, he felt the Music School was for the students, who were the most important element, even more so than the Festival itself. An avid attendee, he encouraged sharing the power of music in majestic places including at the Snowmass Club with Mount Daly in the background as pictured here with his wife, Triny, during an event held in July 1990.

His family spent summers in the valley while he served as chairman for 25 years and was considered one of the Festival’s best fundraisers, using his infectious passion for music and students. He passed away in 2011.