Snowmass history: ‘Living the dream’ |

Snowmass history: ‘Living the dream’

Wildcat Ranch area imagined as a place to think big and reboot

Aspen Historical Society

The April 11, 1968, Aspen Times headline featured an article about the potential uses for an 8,300-acre Jens Christensen property off of the north side of Brush Creek Road. The property addition to Snowmass included the “Wild Cat Reservoir and Valley, the long high ridge which separates Wild Cat Valley from Popish Valley; also Popish Valley and five miles of frontage on Snowmass Creek; the high rolling hills between Snowmass property to the north and going east to Highway 82.”

While no construction was scheduled, the plan was to resell plots of the land or bring in light industry to the area with “Think and Research Centers.” Looking ahead to the upcoming 1968 summer, Snowmass Vice President and General Manager Roland Herberg prophesied about the “Snowmass dream: ‘A place where people can re-examine their own goals and purposes. To be successful, the resort has to meet a genuine humanistic need in the world. People need to get away from where they are. But they also need to get back to basics. They need a complete type of rejuvenation when they go away: rest, rehabilitation, recreation and social and intellectual activities as well as beautiful terrain.’”

While the “think centers” were never realized in the Wildcat Ranch area, the “Snowmass Dream” still lives on through the facilities in Snowmass Village and the arts at Anderson Ranch.


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