Snowmass history: Keeping open space open ‘in perpetuity’

Village caucus made unprecedented dedication of open space

Aspen Historical Society
A woman looks out over the Snowmass golf course toward new construction in the Meadow Ranch subdivision on Owl Creek Road, circa 1970.
Aspen Historical Society/Courtesy photo

“The future of Growth in Snowmass: A smooth transition into the next decade and beyond is the aim of the Snowmass Caucus” announced an article in the July 1977 Snowmass Affairs Magazine.

“The open and natural character of the Snowmass area will be preserved by the dedication of approximately 460 acres as open space in perpetuity — space in which no structures can ever be built and no development can ever take place,” the article noted in a section on open space and environment.

The caucus broke down open space areas into four groups: “within villages, within subdivisions, active recreation areas, and open preserves. There will be five open preserves: Campground, the golf course, Gallun Meadow, Games Area, and Hidden Valley, in which deed covenants will be recorded in favor of the County to implement this provision. No dedications like this have ever been made.”


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