Snowmass history: Jimmy Buffett & Co. |

Snowmass history: Jimmy Buffett & Co.

One b/w image of Glenn Frey, Jimmy Buffett and Steve Weisberg playing with two other men from the Aspen Times April 1, 1976. (photo was not used) Photo used in June 16, 1977 pg. 5A.

“Jimmy Buffett fans jammed into the Snowmass tent, at Snowmass Resort last Saturday night, and, anticipating a good time, ignored all common courtesies, and etiquette as they talked amongst themselves, visited friends, ordered drinks, and were completely oblivious to the warm-up act, Chris Cox,” read a story in the Aug. 25, 1977 edition of The Aspen Times. The article described the evening when Jimmy Buffett and Chris Cox played to standing room only as part of the Snowmass Summer Festival’s concert series. “When Buffett appeared on stage the crowd quieted down and turned its attention to the popular singer, as he sang old and new songs, and as a good entertainer should, tantalized the audience, played lesser known works first, and gradually led up to more popular music. Buffett who now resides in the Aspen area, changed some lyrics as he went along referring to ‘Booth D,’ and Aspen, which couldn’t have pleased the crowd more. His informal style of music and stage presence fits into this environment very well, which explains his tremendous popularity here. There is a strong subjective similarity between the oceans and mountains, and even though some of Buffett’s music reflects life in the islands of the Caribbean, there is the same laid back, free wheelin’, free loving, hard drinking, salty language existence here.”


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