Snowmass history: Hungry for glory |

Snowmass history: Hungry for glory

“Deli Doo” ski race featured snacks at the gates and a pie in the face

Aspen Historical Society
Sid Wheeler (left), the owner of Garfunkel's Deli, shakes with Jim Metcalf, owner of the Village Deli, after they pied each other in the face at the end of a "Deli Doo" ski race during Wintersköl. The image was published in the Aspen Illustrated News on January 25, 1968.
Aspen Historical Society/Aspen Illustrated News Collection

“Another new Wintersköl event was the Deli Doo, a race between Garfunkel’s Delicatessen and the Snowmass Village Delicatessen,” the Aspen Illustrated News recapped in January 1968.

“The two teams ran four heads. Garfunkel’s won the first and last heats, Village Deli won second and third. The owner of the Delicatessen whose team lost won a pie in the face. Sid Wheeler and Jim Metcalf, owners, simultaneously (pied) each other’s face(s). The course consisted of five gates. At the first gate the racers ate a pickle, at the second a hot pastrami sandwich, at the third a cheese cake, at the fourth a half pint of sauerkraut and at the finish a piece of chocolate cream cake. The two owners raced in the last heat for a real photo finish.”

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