Snowmass History: ‘High Country Summer,’ 1979

Aspen Historical Society
One 9" x 14" b/w photo of a hiker on the Capitol Lake Trail, Aspen Times, August 9, 1979, pg. 3A.
Michael Kennedy

“High Country Summer,” touted The Aspen Times in summer 1979. “It may be late summer down here in the valley, but up in the high country spring is barely ended — and winter is fast on its way. So now it is time to head for hills.” Pictured is a hiker about halfway to Capitol Lake, an 8-mile trek from the trailhead in the Campground area, an old cow camp, to the base of the peak.

“The five-hour hike to the lake is just one of many such expeditions that beckon now that the mountains are free of snow and perhaps even carpeted with wild flowers in the brief, brief high country summer.”


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