Snowmass history: Happening now |

Snowmass history: Happening now

The Snowmass Inn under construction in the summer of 1967.
Aspen Historical Society |

“Snowmass: It’s Happening Now,” The Aspen Times reported on Aug. 31, 1967. “The same magic beans which provided the huge beanstalk that Jack climbed far into the sky have evidently been sown at Snowmass-at-Aspen. Since construction started soon after last winter’s skiing season, the first village at the $10 million resort 7 miles west of Aspen has been transformed from a placid meadow into a burgeoning complex.”

According to the article, “Although visitors will think of Snowmass-at-Aspen as a resort, developers consider it a resort-community. They speak of the ‘potpourri of shops, five unique restaurants and night clubs featuring name entertainment’ which are located within a snowball’s throw of each other …’ the center of après-ski sports and social life where lodge guests and home and condominium owners will converge after the day’s last run.’”

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