Snowmass History: Great Gatsby party, 1974 |

Snowmass History: Great Gatsby party, 1974

Aspen Historical Society
Art Langenkamp and Eve Homeyer stand for a photo at the Great Gatsby party on the Snowmass Mall in 1974.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

“Just about the prettiest party every summer is the Great Gatsby. … Lots of pearls, feather boas, striped shirts, dapper hats and dresses from mothers’ and grandmothers’ trunks,” Mary Eshbaugh Hayes once wrote in The Aspen Times. The Legends of Aspen group has hosted this grand party in September since the 1970s in many different locales, including on the Snowmass Mall as pictured in 1974 with Art Langenkamp and Eve Homeyer.