Snowmass History: Fossils found at Cozy Point, 1940

Aspen Historical Society
A man excavates a fossil near Snowmass Creek, May 1967. This fossil is now in the collection of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

In 1940, a few years after the new highway was surveyed at the intersection of Brush Creek and Highway 82, The Aspen Times reported, “County Road Men Find Fossils at Cozy Point.”

“Henry Sievers and George Reichert, county road workers report they have found numerous fossils in the shale banks at Cozy Point, near the Weise ranch and have brought a few specimens to town to exhibit,” the Times reported. “Fossil remains were first discovered at that place three years ago by surveyors, who were at that time surveying the new highway. The county men have recently uncovered more of the interesting specimen. … All kinds of fish, birds, snakes and off looking sea creatures that were on Earth hundreds of years ago could be seen in the rocks and shale, but it is impossible to remove them without breakage. This vicinity was probably under water at one time and the sea creatures were buried in the shale, possibly by volcanic eruption…” the Times speculated.


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