Snowmass history: Covering underground utilities

Snowmass was first valley town to bury utilities in favor of views

Aspen Historical Society
Construction workers pour concrete at the new Snowmass-at-Aspen Ski Area and base area, photographed by David Hiser circa 1967. The photo appeared in the Aspen Illustrated News on May 25, 1967.
Aspen Historical Society, Hiser Collection/Courtesy photo

A photo spread published in the Aspen Illustrated News in May of 1967 showcased the construction happening at the soon-to-be Snowmass-at-Aspen ski area development. The photo pictured here shows workers “covering underground utilities,” according to its caption.

“Snowmass is spending $250,000 more than actual costs of installation in an attempt to maintain and conserve the natural aspects of the area,” the caption read.

Snowmass was the first valley town to bury their utilities to keep views free of messy wires; the underground system also helped prevent power outages during major storms that might otherwise damage above-ground wires.