Snowmass history: Condominium creativity |

Snowmass history: Condominium creativity

The living room and fireplace inside the Top of the Village condos in Snowmass circa 1980.
Aspen Historical Society |

“People here have a good time expressing their secret desires,” Snowmass interior decorator Jane Sullivan joked in an article in a February 1973 edition of The Aspen Times. “They definitely want to do the wild thing they wouldn’t do at home.’ And Ms. Sullivan of Snowmass Interior’s is ready for them — the people who buy condominiums or houses at Snowmass Resort and want help in decorating them. ‘I try to find out what kinds of things the customer wants … what his favorite colors are, what his needs are, his favorite designs. In fact, I have a questionnaire I have him fill out,’ she said. Ms. Sullivan finds no patterns to people’s tastes. Many, she said, have set tastes and know exactly what they want, but many others are willing to be guided. The ‘rustic’ or ‘contemporary’ looks are most popular at Snowmass, and both blend well with modern art, also popular. … Does it make a difference if a customer is decorating an apartment to line in or rest it out? Yes, and a big one. Ms. Sullivan said she usually suggests for rental units bright colors in sturdy, soil resistant fabrics such as Herculons or tweeds. It is important, though, to make the apartments not only practical but also as attractive as possible. The more it looks as though the owner cares about the apartment, the more apt the renter is to take care of it, she said.”


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