Snowmass History: Closing day at Snowmass, 1974 |

Snowmass History: Closing day at Snowmass, 1974

Aspen Historical Society
A couple sitting on a roof at a ski party on the deck of a cabin near Sam's Knob Restaurant at Snowmass, circa 1970. The Big Burn ski run is in the background. The party was hosted by Al Stromberg who owned Stromberg's Restaurant.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

Calendar notes by Jim Snobble, Snowmass General Manager, in “The Story of Snowmass” book by Paul Anderson and Catherine Lutz remind us of closing day at Snowmass on April 14, 1974.

“…and again, unbelievably enough, another record breaker by quite a margin despite a very poor start from late opening because of thin snow until Christmas but once snow came, so did the crowds & it turned out to be a fantastic year with very few big problems despite early scary warm spell, superb closing snow conditions with deep bases (115” on Burn, 93” on Knob). As always, am terribly tired at end, but sad to see it over.”


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