Snowmass history: Bountiful Brush Creek |

Snowmass history: Bountiful Brush Creek

An old wagon near the townsite of Snowmass Village circa 1948.
Aspen Historical Society

“Noticed by a Stranger,” the Aspen Tribune reported on July 7, 1897. “That the accidents were confined to a few skinned hands, by the swing. That the public highways are in good condition, and fences all in repair. That the prospects are good for a bountiful crop on Brush creek this year. That the Brush creek valley is one of the prettiest and most productive in Pitkin County. That the thirteenth district has a good school house, but that is it not half large enough for the district when they ‘have company.’ That the people of Brush creek proved their good citizenship by feasting and joining in the innocent amusements of Young America on the home grounds — exemplifying community interest.”