Snowmass History: Avalanche safety, 1980 |

Snowmass History: Avalanche safety, 1980

Aspen Historical Society
A photograph of the Snowmass ski patrol during an avalanche drill circa 1980.
Aspen Historical Society/courtesy photo

“Art of forecasting avalanches taught here by snow experts,” announced The Aspen Times in 1980. “Statistically, Colorado has more avalanche related deaths that any other state. … Many, if not all, of those deaths could have been prevented by a working knowledge of snow structure and avalanche release mechanisms as well as common sense application of basic safety principles.”

“The American Avalanche Institute based in Jackson, Wyoming, has for several years offered courses throughout the Rocky Mountains on avalanche forecasting and snow safety. … Over 30 people including ski personnel from Frisco, Alta and Aspen attended the four-day session.”


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