Snowmass history: Air-taxi film of 1968 |

Snowmass history: Air-taxi film of 1968

One b/w glossy photograph of several people in ski clothing and equipment preparing to board a Pease- Hamilton air taxi helicopter, Snowmass, 1965-.
Bob Krueger/Aspen Historical Society archives |

“Air-taxi film, Ski Corp. movie being shot here,” the Snowmass Villager wrote March 14, 1968. “Representatives of the Bell Helicopter Co., Fort Worth, Tex., spent five days at Snowmass this week taking move shots of the air taxi service run by Pease-Hamilton. The local helicopter service coverage will actually be one segment of a film on helicopters to be shot throughout the U.S., according to George Rains, one of the photographers doing the filming. The air taxi service for skiers is unique, he said. The movie will eventually be screened at Chambers of Commerce throughout the nation, to groups of commercial users of helicopters and to various civic groups, Rains said. Assistant Director of Public Relations for Bell Helicopter, Larry Hayes, has also been at Snowmass working on the assignment and while the two photographers are here they are also shooting footage of Snowmass-at-Aspen, the Village and the slopes, for an Aspen Skiing Corp. promotional movie.”

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