Snowmass history: Plowboys

A photo of the Pitkin County snow plow operators that ran in The Aspen Times Jan. 11, 1979.
Aspen Historical Society |

After spending some time working with the crew that plows our county roads in late 1978 and early 1979, Bill Rollins of The Aspen Times on Jan. 11 published an article titled, “Plowboys of the western world get you to the slopes on time.”

“Snow gives John Young insomnia. Young is director of the Pitkin County road and bridge department. The men in his department sand and plow while you sleep. Young keeps a weather eye on the sky … Among the drivers, Jack Gredig, who handles the downvalley routes, has about 13 years service. Claude Denton, on the Maroon-Castle-Brush Creek route has eight years; and Lawrence Nye, who does McLain Flats, about 13 years. Gene Mason has been a mechanic with the county for about 10 years, and Masson Abner, the heavy equipment man, has some five years of experience with the county. They are just some of the men who get you to the slopes on time.”