Snowmass Center getting a facelift |

Snowmass Center getting a facelift

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun
The Snowmass Center, 16 Kearns Road
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If you’ve gone grocery shopping lately in Snowmass Village, you probably noticed some construction at the Snowmass Center.

Related Colorado is giving the property an exterior remodel, the first it’s had since opening in 1979. The project has been under way for about three weeks and will wrap up in about another three, according to company President Dwayne Romero.

Snow and rain in May slowed the project down a bit initially.

“It’s all weather-dependent, obviously,” Romero said.

Much of the remodel focuses on the siding. At certain elevations, the sun has beat the siding, causing it to bow and its paint to chip. Those portions are being covered with battens, or panels.

“In other elevations, which have not been beat by the sun, clearly it was just a scraping and tune-up of trim and then a repaint,” Romero said.

The remodel also will repair trim around the whole building and add new paint, awnings, signage and lighting for the signage, Romero said. The color scheme is similar to that of neighboring Town Hall and other buildings in Snowmass Village, which was something resident Rick Griffin, who works in the building, said he particularly likes.

“I think they’ve done a really good job of upgrading the center from the center that they bought,” Griffin said of the current remodel as well as the replacement of the retaining wall in the parking lot and other improvements made.

“We’re doing what we can,” Romero said. “The market and the economy’s not there to come down and just knock this whole building over. And we admit that it’s been awhile. This thing is long overdue for these types of improvements. But we’ve been kind of able to save our nickels and now are getting into it where we can start reinvesting a little bit more aggressively.”

Barb Wickes, owner of Sundance Liquor, an original tenant of the building, said she was excited about the changes.

“In fact, I had seen some design ahead of time, and I was very excited because it’s the most different it has been since the center opened,” Wickes said. “It has always been the same color beige, slightly different color trim, and that is it. So I’m very happy. I think that it’s going to stand out, and it’s going to be very attractive.”

Some retail spaces have been remodeled and plumbing and circulation repairs made over the years. Romero said Related is considering some other changes that would “improve the guest experience.”

“For example, there’s some studies on how we could perhaps add some square footage to the grocery store or add some square footage to Sundance Liquor,” Romero said. “Those are little, small, incremental projects.”

As far as a major redevelopment, that’s awhile off.

“I think that’s more of a market-driven question, and I think it’s preceded by forward progress in Base Village before we can start thinking about new sites,” Romero said.

For part-time resident Greer Fox, it would be OK if that never happened.

“My hope was that Related wouldn’t try to gussy up the place to make it new and efficient and streamlined, thus losing all character,” Fox said. “So if all they plan to do with the center is patch and paint, that’s more than fine with me.”

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