Snowmass Briefs: Second wave of Snowmass vouchers sent out; last call for council and mayor candidate petitions |

Snowmass Briefs: Second wave of Snowmass vouchers sent out; last call for council and mayor candidate petitions

Fuel and Daly Bottle Shop are reopen in the Snowmass Village Mall on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. (Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times)
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

Second rounds of Snowmass vouchers set to be rolled out

On July 31, the three voucher programs rolled out in the Aspen-Snowmass area to help stimulate economic activity in Snowmass Village, giving many locals up to $65 of free money to spend, expired.

But as of mid-August, all three program organizers said they have sent or plan to send out a second wave of vouchers, giving area residents another chance to spend in Snowmass and support village merchants.

The Romero Group’s Snowmass Mall voucher program, which started in mid-June and sent $20 vouchers to all Snowmass Village PO Box addresses, Woody Creek addresses and Aspen Village addresses, was the first to debut. And according to Dwayne Romero of the Romero Group, he feels getting the more than 2,000 vouchers out to mostly primary residents early on when town businesses were just starting to reopen their doors was key to the first wave’s success.

Romero said 905 of 2,257 vouchers were redeemed, with a third of them turned in to business owners in June. That amounts to more than $18,000 in rent abatements for participating mall business owners and Romero Group tenants, Romero said.

“The 40% subscription rate is double what the experts told us we’d get and tells us one thing: it’s working and is a loud and powerful message to do it again,” Romero said.

He went on to say a second wave of $20 vouchers will be sent out this week to the same Snowmass area residents as before and will be good through September.

Both the town of Snowmass Village and Snowmass Base Village also sent out vouchers in late June and early July.

The town’s Love a Local campaign included $25 vouchers sent out to all Snowmass and Woody Creek PO boxes, Old Snowmass and Aspen residential addresses, and Snowmass front line workers in late June. Love a Local vouchers could be used at any participating Snowmass business with a physical village location, and owners could turn the vouchers they received in to town staff to receive a check worth their total voucher amount.

SBV’s “Snowmass Base Village Bucks” largely mirrored the town program, offering $20 to all of the same area residents as the town in early July for use at any Base Village storefront. Base Village owners could turn the vouchers they received in to East West Partners for either a check worth their total voucher amount or a discount on their rent.

Of the $200,000 the town sent out as vouchers, roughly $40,000 was paid out to business owners as of Aug. 17, or about 1,600 vouchers were redeemed. According to Rose Abello, director of Snowmass Tourism, 45% of vouchers were used by Snowmass residents and 55% were used by residents outside of the village — aligning with the town’s goal to bring more people into Snowmass to support the local economy.

Snowmass business owners have until Aug. 19 to turn in their vouchers, and the town plans to have more final numbers later this week.

Andy Gunion, managing partner with East West Partners, said the first wave of the Snowmass Base Village voucher program ended with roughly 500 vouchers redeemed, amounting to about $10,000 for Base Village owners.

“The numbers were a little lower than we were thinking, but obviously any voucher that’s redeemed is a positive for our businesses,” Gunion said.

A second wave of $20 Base Village vouchers were sent out to the same area residents Aug. 1, and are good through Sept. 30, Gunion said.

The town also plans to send out a “similar yet different” second wave of $25 vouchers as part of its Love a Local program that will be sent to Snowmass P.O. boxes, Basalt P.O. boxes and residences, and Aspen P.O. boxes, again working to bring more people into Snowmass to support local businesses, Abello said. The wave will amount to roughly $200,000, Abello said, and vouchers will be valid through Oct. 31.

Town accepting candidate applications for council, mayor

Last call! This is the last week Snowmass Village will accept nomination petitions for the two Town Council seats and position of mayor that will be up for re-election this November.

To run for one of these open positions, candidates must be at least 18 years old, a citizen of the United States and have lived at least 12 consecutive months as a resident of Snowmass Village.

For more information on what you need to do to submit a nomination petition, visit

Submissions will be accepted through Monday. The general and municipal election will be held Nov. 3, coordinated by Pitkin County.


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