Snowmass Briefs: S’mass Center works to address shuttle problems; Yak at the Yurt event for families

Staff report
The new map posted at the Snowmass Center to help mitigate the traffice congestion and public safety issues common in front of the building.
Courtesy photo/Eastwood Snowmass Investors

S’mass Center works to address shuttle problems

Snowmass Center management recently rolled out efforts to combat private shuttle parking violation issues, staff said.

According to Soren Sorensen, facilities manager for the center, new signage and maps are posted near the main entrance and throughout the building, educating drivers on where they can park and how traffic should flow through the center.

“Please don’t block or linger in designated TOSV bus stops,” the new Snowmass Center map reads. “Make a plan before dropping guests off to run errands at the Snowmass Center.”

For several years, private shuttles have often caused traffic and public safety problems by pulling into the areas adjacent to the Clark’s Market and Sundance Liquor and Gifts entrances, parking in the town bus stop spots and waiting for their guests to get what they need before moving, as previously reported.

This violates the center’s parking rules and the town’s no idling ordinance, but because the Snowmass Center is private property the town can’t do much to enforce the issue, leaving it up to Eastwood Snowmass Investors, the center’s owners, to handle it.

Sorensen said as facilities manager, he’s mainly addressed the issue by approaching shuttle drivers and informing them they were in violation in the past, but hopes the new signage and maps will help better educate all drivers.

Over the past three weeks, Sorensen has taken the new educational material to the management at each lodge and hotel in the village, collecting contact information and sharing his phone number just in case there is confusion or issues moving forward.

“It will take a little while before we see any change,” Sorensen said, noting he plans to keep an eye on the shuttle situation at the Snowmass Center this week to see how the improvements play out. “Education is the key, really. Once people know what we expect of them I think it will slowly incorporate into their thinking.”

Yak in the Yurt for families at the Snowmass Chapel

The Snowmass Chapel is partnering with Aspen Family Connections (based at Aspen Middle School) to offer a connecting event for Snowmass parents and families in the chapel’s yurt March 3.

The chapel has been getting a lot of questions from Snowmass residents about the new structure on their property, such as “What’s it for?” and “What does it look like inside?”

From 5:30 to 7 p.m., find out what the yurt is all about at the Yak in the Yurt event, intended to build community and connect neighbors who are in a similar stage of life (parenting). Light drinks and apps will be provided, along with child care and pizza for kids with a reservation. For more information, email