Snowmass Base Village developer: ‘Our goal is to be built out within 10 years’

Erica Robbie
Snowmass Sun
Nov. 23
Anna Stonehouse/Snowmass Sun

While a major phase of Base Village will be complete next month, it could be another decade until the $600 million development is fully built out.

After the Limelight Hotel, Lumin, Collective and ice rink plaza light up on Dec. 15, East West will focus its attentions to Buildings 7 and 8, labeled “One Snowmass,” as well as five other buildings as part of its long-term vision.

Spanning 140,000 square feet, One Snowmass will boast 41 residences and private amenities, four employee-housing units, four retail storefronts and a 6,000-square-foot medical clinic.

Aspen Valley Hospital will relocate its 5,500-square-foot clinic located off the Snowmass Mall to Base Village next year.

Traditionally, the clinic is only open during the winter season to serve skier crowds; however, the hospital is looking into summer operations, in an effort “to meet the needs of the Snowmass Village community and growing number of visitors,” Aspen Valley Hospital Director of Community Relations Jennifer Slaughter said Nov. 26.

“Snowmass is growing as a summer destination business, in part with the mountain biking community, and we’re seeing an increased need,” Slaughter said.

The new clinic will feature all of the current offerings, in addition to “more privacy with exam rooms” and the ability to drive up and park closer, Slaughter said. The nearest parking spaces to the slopeside clinic currently are the Village Lots across from the mall.

East West granted Snowmass Medical Care Clinic 23 parking spaces for its new space, Slaughter said, but they are still determining the exact location and flow.

One Snowmass is the large structure beneath the white wrap that people first see as they approach the village.

Building 7 will be complete next summer and Building 8 in “about a year” prior to the 2019-20 ski season, East West managing partner Andy Gunion said Nov. 21.

“Architecturally, it will be an iconic arrival statement for Base Village with strong, mid-century-inspired rooflines – a contemporary evolution of some the historical building forms found in Snowmass,” Gunion wrote via email. “Both inside and out we are looking to balance clean modern lines and large windows with warm mountain materials.”

Later down the pipeline, East West plans to develop five buildings located between One Snowmass and the Viceroy.

These buildings are zoned mostly as residential with “limited commercial zoning,” Gunion said, noting they also can change the zoning.

He estimated the five additional structures would bring another 200 residences, “give or take,” to Snowmass.

How East West sells its current residential inventory will dictate the timeline on construction of future development, Gunion said.

“Our goal is to be built out within 10 years,” he said, “but would obviously we’ll move quicker if we can sell faster.”


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