Snowmass history: Not their first rodeo |

Snowmass history: Not their first rodeo

A cowboy rides a bucking horse at the Snowmass Rodeo during its inaugural year in 1973.
Aspen Historical Society/Ann Hodges Collection |

The Snowmass Rodeo, now in its 44th year, was started and later directed by Doug McClain, among others, who also later ran an outfitting business with his wife, Holly McClain, from their Moon Run Ranch up Snowmass Creek. He reminisces to his fellow wrangler, Wade, about walking away after riding his last bull in an article “Saddle Up” from the Snowmass Affairs Magazine in the fall of 1982: “Knowing he’d ‘never have to do that again. Your last ride will come someday, and you’ll be glad when it does.’”

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