Meet Your Merchant: Marko Pavlovic, Snowmass Lanes and Lounge |

Meet Your Merchant: Marko Pavlovic, Snowmass Lanes and Lounge

For this month’s Meet Your Merchant, learn a little bit more about one of the men behind Snowmass Lanes and Lounge (Tenpin LLC) on the Village Mall: Marko Pavlovic, 33, who has co-owned the local bowling alley with Borko Orlic for the past two years, and has over 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry in Aspen, Chicago and Miami.

Snowmass Sun: Describe how you came to run Snowmass Lanes and Lounge.

Marko Pavlovic: Ever since I started to work in restaurants I was dreaming to have my own and do things my own way. Two years ago the former owner of the bowling alley, my longtime friend, was getting ready to sell the business so I teamed up with another friend and we decided to give it a try and buy the business. A couple of months after the initial discussions we agreed on all the terms and we took it over.

SS: What does being a local business owner mean to you?

MP: Being part of this great community, being recognized by members of the community and having something unique to offer means a lot to us and makes us really proud.

SS: Describe how your business contributes to the culture of Snowmass Village.

MP: As a bowling alley, we provide lots of fun for kids and family, and our unique wood-fired, hand-tossed pizza which is a local favorite. Our venue is also a part of nightlife in Snowmass. In the winter on Thursdays we are able to offer a club-like atmosphere and live DJ for the late-night crowd.

SS: Describe the most memorable experience you’ve had at your business over the past year.

MP: There are many, I can’t think of one in particular. Maybe when our customers come back and recognize us by our first names, that is really satisfying and gives you a boost to keep pushing forward and be even better.

SS: What future goals do you have for your business and how will they impact the Snowmass Village community?

MP: After the winter season, we are planning on installing brand new bowling lanes and machines in order to be more efficient and bring the local bowling experience to the highest level. We are also at 8,209 feet, which makes us the highest bowling alley in the country. Our goal is to stick around for a long time, become a local favorite and be recognized as a brand for fun in Aspen-Snowmass.


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