May a typical offseason month for Snowmass businesses |

May a typical offseason month for Snowmass businesses

Jill Beathard
Snowmass Sun

While Aspen’s retail sales broke a record in May, Snowmass Village’s business activity remained at a level standard for offseason.

Snowmass retailers reported $2.32 million in sales for the month, according to the town Finance Department. That’s a decline of $209,796, or 8.3 percent, from revenue reported in May 2013.

Sales tax collections for the year are pacing 2.4 percent ahead of 2013.

The Finance Department divides collections by industry categories in its report. It does not report collections from individual businesses.

Industries that saw increased revenue in May were restaurants, 66.8 percent; sports equipment and clothing, 128.5 percent; miscellaneous, 22.5 percent; and utilities, 2.0 percent. Categories that saw decreases were lodging, 37.4 percent; food, drug and liquor, 59 percent; and general retail, 8.6 percent.

Collections from the town’s 2.4 percent lodging tax were down 21.7 percent in May. Revenue from the real estate transfer tax rose 9.4 percent.


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