Marolt: What’s troubling me is the nature of his game

Roger Marolt
Cluster Phobic
Roger Marolt

I saw dark clouds on the horizon. The storm winds that agitated them, I’m sure, where pounding with wicked ferocity the ridge over which they hung. Yet, from where I stood, some miles away, its roar was only a whisper. In the everyday commotion I was surrounded by, I had to strain my ears and focus my concentration to hear it.

“I hate Mexicans,” it sounded like. “I hate blacks and despise all of Islam, too. Women? Who needs them, except as toys? The truth is I have little use for most people, even the masses that revere me; but, for that, I can tolerate them. I’ll leverage their fears and stoke their emotions.

“Did I see Muslims celebrating across the river when the Twin Towers fell? Naw. But, who wouldn’t believe it who wants to believe it, so I said it as if it were fact. The greatest monsters are the ones created in our minds before we dress them before our eyes. I’ll steer their imaginations to draw the pictures in exchange for their loyalty. It’s a fair price. That’s the American way. I sell on easy credit; all payments due in the future.

“I re-Tweeted things said by David Duke and I quoted Mussolini; what a pair. I’d say it was an honest mistake, but it wasn’t. Honest? Yes, I honestly did it. Mistake? No, it served to improve my standing with my people. Most of them are not educated enough to know who said those things, but ignorant enough to embrace the message. Perfect! I claimed I didn’t know what I was doing. That’s my tweak on humility. Haha, as I said before, I could shoot someone on the streets of New York City and none of my support would abandon me. Most spouses aren’t that loyal.

“Give me credit. I’m the first one here to stitch the fringes together. Nobody believed they could gain the upper hand by embracing the Skinheads, the KKK, the Neo Nazis, or the White Supremacists, and the like, but I figured out that, if I could appeal to all of them at once, I’d have some force behind me. Forget the specific things these groups stand for, hatred is the glue that binds.

“Did you feel the Republicans becoming mean-spirited and bitter? I did. The strongest evidence was the Tea Party faction that rose out of the Conservative Movement. They ignited fear of immigrants. They claimed government was overreaching and not doing enough to curb the loss of jobs to the global economy at the same time.

“They espoused anger toward our first black president over healthcare reform, the national debt expanded to thwart the Great Depression II and claims that he is not a legal citizen, even though almost everybody in the country is better off than they were eight years ago. They hated him currently for things horrible they claim will happen in their fictional future. In short order they invited every group with a grudge to join their party. Of course they became less kind! They courted discontent from every crevice.

“This is payback. Have you wondered how there could be a thing phenomenon like me in the election cycle immediately following the country’s first black presidency? Did you believe we wouldn’t re-group? It should now be clear that racism is not dead in America. It’s not what it used to be, but there is massive latent abhorrence of minorities invading our homeland. You need no more proof than my popularity.

“Still don’t believe in my genius? What do you hate almost as much as color in someone’s skin, an accent, or prayers to the same God called by a different name? It’s PACs and lobbyists and rich, corporate donors. I did away with all of them by financing my own message. And, guess what? I answer to nobody because of it! Who is there to pull their financial support under public pressure for things I say? Who with influence will be forced to denounce me publicly, even if they secretly support me in their frozen hearts? Ready or not, I’m here!”

And the billowing clouds, for a moment, formed the human likeness I recognized. It struck fear in my heart because it was clear enough for me to realize how close the approaching storm had come in such a short time. Yet, it wasn’t the personified form the storm briefly took that set my nerves on ice. It was the realization of the uncountable molecules of water coalesced by the cold front pushing the destruction forward that sent me to my knees.

Roger Marolt knows that Donald Trump is not the problem. The cancer grows from deep within.