Marolt: Welcome to your time |

Marolt: Welcome to your time

Jill Beathard

Dear graduates,

Reading about all your future plans this week, I felt so excited for you all.

Like a lot of other times in your lives, this time is bittersweet.

You won’t even realize until much further down the road how much life is about to change. You’re entering possibly the most exciting and scary time of your life, when all the doors are opened to you except the one from which you came.

I won’t dump a bunch of wise words down on you. It hasn’t been long enough since my own high-school graduation for me to have that much to tell you anyway. Besides, I’m of the opinion that this is the time you get to figure it out for yourselves.

And if the next few years of your lives are anything like mine were, you will do exactly that. So much is about to happen, so many experiences that you’ve never had before, so many decisions you’ll make that you never before could make on your own.

Take advantage of this time. Take some risks. Go out on a limb and try new things, and be open to meeting new people. You never know what you might learn, about the world around you and even about yourself. It’s such a thrill. In fact, I’m a little jealous.

Congratulations, grads. I hope you have a blast.

Jill Beathard is the editor of the Snowmass Sun. Email her at