Marolt: The great liberal media – not in our village! |

Marolt: The great liberal media – not in our village!

Roger Marolt

I don’t get the complaining that goes on about “the liberal media.” I don’t deny that it exists, mind you. I just don’t understand why some explain it in terms of a grand conspiracy. Oh, and by the way, I am absolutely positive that those who believe the liberal media is a plot against the people of the United States are a definite minority of the national population.

Let me put it to you like this: I stop for gas at a roadside Kum & Go somewhere along the way to wherever and I head inside for some road snacks and find that red licorice products outnumber the black by a ratio of about 10 to 1. So, do I immediately start kicking anise with the manager and accuse him of being part of the red licorice conspiracy, or do I just quietly grab my box of Good & Plenty, knowing that the much larger red licorice customer base thinks I’m crazy?

Does anyone believe that Aspen is overwhelmingly liberal because local reporters and columnists’ hearts bleed as much blue as Tommy Lasorda’s, albeit a different type? It seems crazy to me that oftentimes letters to the editor accuse the newspapers of causing this to be. It’s like saying the publishers have pinned a donkey tail onto an elephant and now that skinny tail is wagging the five-ton pachyderm, tusks and all.

I think Snowmass Village is more conservative politically. How else is one to explain its voters approving the plans for the monstrous Base Village product that looks to be perpetually designed to run in the red, if it runs at all.

Out here in the village, the very thing it takes to raise children according to some, even the ski slopes seem to be designed with family values in mind; well-mannered and groomed to perfection, a mountain to be seen and not hard. The bonds formed when mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters face together the inherit challenges of hiking the Highland Bowl or taking on the steep moguls of Aspen Mountain are discounted heavily in the name of ski-in, ski-out convenience and shunned in exchange for the perceived safety and tranquility of groomers.

I think the fear of the liberal is most evident in the occasional uprising of the predominately red-blooded second-homeowners squawking about their investments here and how it is their right, unsupported by any constitution, to have voting privileges here, unsupported by any residency requirement. They don’t trust the blue-blooded residents of our town to do the right-wing things when it comes to governing the village, all the while failing to acknowledge that it has been the decisions of the locals throughout the years that have made this place the desirable community it is that has made them want to occasionally live here.

While I am certain that when I write in The Aspen Times I am in the company of no-growth advocates and Socialistic sympathizers, I am not so sure the paper you are reading this in is part of the liberal media. My editor does not censor me one way or the other to boost circulation in this regard, but I have been verbally accosted by Trump supporters out here, a thing that I think has as much chance of happening in Aspen as a Grade 4 hurricane during a mid-winter Arctic blizzard.

So, by my actions, one could point out that the theory that the market for media dictating what flavor of media the market gets is all shot to Helvetica fine font as evidenced by my willful disregard for what the market in Snowmass Village wants to read all the while remaining retained to do exactly that.

There’s something amiss here. It could be proof that I am part of the liberal media conspiracy infiltrating enemy lines and that I haven’t been totally straightforward with you about attending the annual media conventions in an unspecified location in Humboldt County, Northern California, where we uphold all things Clinton and Carter while reaffirming pledges of secrecy and staying current with the secret code and nomenclature to make sure that, when we write, we are all on the same page, every page, so to speak.

It could be that, or, I guess, there might be an outside chance that The village might not be as red as has been previously reported.

Before Roger Marolt became a writer, he was a Republican. Email at

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