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Letter: Why I said ‘no’

Many of you who attended or watched the Dec. 16 Town Council meeting may have been surprised by my reaction to a group representing the Voices of Krabloonik when I refused to allow them to address the council during public non-agenda items.

While I stand firm in my decision to run the meeting as I did, I do feel I owe the community, including those who attended the meeting, an explanation.

As mayor, I aim to run constructive and democratic meetings and help — not hinder — the business of council. For the past several months, Krabloonik has been an issue that has dominated the public non-agenda period, often at the delay of other pressing matters that are also important to our community. I strongly respect the opinions of fellow council members and of our constituents and feel that listening to the concerns of our community, whether it’s during a council meeting or during a trip to the grocery store, is essential in my ability to serve as our town’s mayor. I also respect the time of individuals who are on council agendas and have gone through the right process.

An investigation carried out by the district attorney with the help of the Snowmass Village Police Department has resulted in charges filed against Dan MacEachen. I, along with the rest of the community, await the completion of the trial and the decision of the court. But the important thing to note in the interim is that the investigation is being handled by the courts — the proper venue in this case — where voices from both sides have the opportunity to be heard, speak their piece and leave it up to the evidence.

Krabloonik has been the source of a great deal of publicity. Throughout this process, the council and staff have had a clear message about ways to properly report illegal activity as well as spoken with multiple concerned residents about the proper process for getting placed on a future council agenda. I simply decided to take the stand that at this point, it is in the hands of the courts, and Town Council chambers could no longer play a role in the publicity on the matter.

We look forward to discussing the topic at a future Town Council meeting. It will be added to the agenda and publicly noticed, as called for by our municipal code. In the meantime, I want to assure the community that your voice matters deeply to me, and as I told the Aspen Daily News, I look forward to discussing changes in how we work with the facility and area experts to improve conditions at Krabloonik through a robust public process, regardless of the outcome of the trial.

Bill Boineau

Snowmass Village mayor


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