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Letter: Vote Bill Madsen for Snowmass council

I have known Bill since our days back in Aspen High School and have literally grown up with Bill, sharing life’s adventures, victories and challenges. Bill is one of the most down-to-earth people I know. He brings real-world experience to his desire to join the council to preserve and enhance the amazing life we have in the valley and in Snowmass. Bill has an unusual quality for a would-be politician: Bill prefers to listen first, then to take time to consider, before forming an opinion. This is the type of representative I know I’d want.

One might ask how I could so strongly endorse someone with no political background? However it is for exactly that reason that Bill is the right person. Bill is not a politician. Bill is a father, a husband, a businessman, a friend, an avid outdoor adventurer and athlete. What do all of these have to do with politics? Nothing, and that is the point. What Bill does have is common sense of right and wrong, sensible and nonsense and a tremendous passion for serving the people of Snowmass, many of whom he has known his entire life.

I am reminded of our founding fathers, who had “real” lives back home. They farmed, ran business, had families. They were politicians part time, and out of necessity: to build and protect their communities, colonies and emerging country. Politics was not a job, not an end in and of itself. It is in this spirit that I think of Bill. He brings this type of true leadership to the town of Snowmass.

Greg Schottland


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