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Letter: Unlocking the gridlock

Unlocking the gridlock

At one time or another, I have met most of the candidates for Town Council. For sure, they are well-intentioned people, but today, that is not sufficient for solving the complex issues facing the town of Snowmass Village. What we need most is an individual who listens carefully to the opinions of other team members and combines this with his/her own intellect and experience to form positions and find solutions that are right for Snowmass Village. That candidate is Bob Sirkus and only Bob Sirkus. He excels at inclusivity.

If that alone is not enough to vote for Bob, try this: As demonstrated in the 2014 town survey, the No. 1 priority for our community is the completion of the Base Village project. Bob’s experience on the Planning Commission will be invaluable for this task.

This letter of endorsement is to urge the voting public of Snowmass Village to support the candidacy of Bob Sirkus.

John S. Michelman

Snowmass Village and Cincinnati, Ohio

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