Letter to the editor: Survey on potential for SkyCab from Snowmass Center to Base Village; Snowmass to Aspen

Survey on potential for SkyCab from Snowmass Center to Base Village; Snowmass to Aspen

It is time to sharpen those pencils and click those clickers to answer a two-question community driven survey. A hard copy of the survey will soon be hand-circulated in Snowmass and an online survey also will be available.

First question asks, “Should Snowmass Base Village be connected to Town Center with either an aerial SkyCab or a pedestrian bridge?”

The second question on the survey asks if the aerial SkyCab, if selected, should continue to Snowmass Rodeo Lot/Recreation Center, Brush Creek Park & Ride, then to airport/Aspen Business Center/Burlingame, Buttermilk, Aspen (Rubey Park Transit Center) and Aspen Highlands?

The Base Village connectivity question to the Snowmass Center will be the focus for Snowmass Town Council within the next couple of weeks.

In March and April, the elected officials of Snowmass, Aspen and Pitkin County are going to be given the opportunity to approve a feasibility study that would be conducted to determine if the aerial SkyCab along Highway 82 is physically possible, or if the SkyCab Highway 82 idea is a bad no-go.

Cost to do Phase 1 for the entire SkyCab Highway 82 feasibility study to determine if it is physically possible is approximately $30,000. Split among each jurisdiction, that is approximately $10,000 each, which is about the cost of a one-weekend stay in the Aspen area for a family of four.

Phase 2 of the feasibility study, if the SkyCab is found to be physically possible, would be to figure out how much the SkyCab project would cost to design, build, operate and maintain, along with including the feasibility of including WiFi and heated cabins. Phase 2 also would look at the length of times to get from Point A to Point B.

Can you imagine if you could get on a SkyCab from Base Village and get off at the airport or in Aspen? Be sure to weigh in and take the survey!

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Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon