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Letter to the Editor: Snowmass Club operations a community issue

Just caught up with Roger Marolt’s column last week (“Who’s the leader of the club made for you and (not) me?” Aug. 11, The Snowmass Sun) on the travails of certain members of the Snowmass Club, as evidenced by several letters to editor in The Aspen Times.

Roger brings some humor and perspective to the issue, for which even I (as one of those letter writing members) am grateful. What does sting a bit is Roger’s insensitivity toward the presumed “non-local” status of some of those members. I may be a mite oversensitive, but I read a clear derisiveness into the tone and nature of many of Roger’s comments.

I consider myself a local, even if of the 2.0 version; namely, someone who has been a visitor to and property owner in this valley for decades, has pined to move here and finally managed to do it after retirement some years ago.

My path here wasn’t easy: it began with escaping a totalitarian regime, learning the English language, repaying this country for its hospitality by serving in our armed forces, paying my way through law school, raising a family, caring for then burying a wife (her ashes are up over Burnt Mountain), and working very hard for over 40 years in order to afford this retirement (and membership in the Snowmass Club!).

I consider myself fully integrated into this community — Aspen Skiing Co. Ambassador, active member of a local church, volunteer with Challenge Aspen, etc. I would even take credit for introducing to this community, some 36 years ago, a family member who is one of Pitkin’s most devoted citizens in the mental health arena.

Just because my life’s path could not get me here any earlier — ergo not a true “local” — doesn’t mean that my concerns, or the concerns of other current members, over the Snowmass Club’s treatment of its membership should be marginalized. Yes, it’s not plagues and pestilences, but guess what, it is a community issue. Heck, sounds like the old “locals’” problem all over again!

Esteban Ferrer

Snowmass Village

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