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Letter to the editor: Skico scores low

We want the values that Aspen Skiing Co. shouts from the mountaintop, “commit, respect, unity and love,” to come down to their business at Base Village.

A “commit” score of 10 percent recognizes that if Base Village phase two is built without a permanent pool facility for Hayden and Capitol Peak, there is a $10 million-plus loss of value. In phase one, Skico’s $25 million of improvements on their $11 million purchase included two new skier bridges, a heated plaza for lesson staging, free parking for Tree House, a transit center to attract customers and 200 covered day-skier parking spaces, which were 80 to 100 percent funded by residential owners, not Skico.

The $3.5 million, 30,000-square-foot aqua center was set for phase two. Now it is phase two and Skico’s element will be completed on schedule – the Limelight Hotel with two pools and Wood Road improvements to Skico condos – but the phase two commitment of a permanent aqua center/pool facility is missing. Skico needs to deliver on its commitment.

A respect score of less than 23 percent recognizes that Base Village Company, Inc. HOA public amenities are 80 percent funded by residential owners with less than 23 percent of the votes.

The developer-owned commercial entities receive 77 percent of the voting rights. Skico is a blatant Base Village bully through the way it structured the BVCo Master HOA governing documents.

Initial HOA-developer control is normal; what is not normal is retaining control and voting rights in perpetuity, as Skico does in the Base Village Company, Inc.

Residential owners need the respect having equitable voting rights conveys. Skico needs to amend these documents.

Skico, if you haven’t noticed, bullying is out of fashion and you need to change.

A unity score of zero represents the zero votes for residential owners in the proposed fifth Base Village special fee entity, Garage Condo Association. There is zero recognition of the residential capital funding for 55 percent of the garage.

After a decade, Skico suddenly wants this so it can charge $20 million-plus for reserved Mountain Club parking memberships and Limelight parking.

A love score of less than zero means Skico needs to return the love we give to their mountain fee-for-service offerings. Skico uses valued Base Village assets without compensation to owners and uses property classifications to avoid taxes and assessments. A score of less than zero reflects this. Skico needs to pay its own way and support the community through complete tax and assessment payments.

Patricia Jayne Keefer, President, Capitol Peak HOA

Stuart C. Nathan, President, Hayden HOA & Director, Base Village Company Board

Thomas Kosich, President, Base Village Metropolitan District No. 2