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Letter to the editor: Jeff Kremer for Town Council

Jeff Kremer for Town Council

Jeff Kremer is running for the Snowmass Town Council. He is a man of impeccable integrity. I can vouch for this having known him for over 25 years as my direct supervisor, my clinical director, colleague and mentor at the Aspen Counseling Center and Jaywalker Lodge. During these years, I have observed firsthand his management skills; understanding of group dynamics and encouraging good relationships; selecting and developing good people; motivating people; dealing with conflict; communication; planning, decision-making and problem solving. All of his skills rest on a foundation of honesty, forthrightness, kindness, compassion and wisdom.

Over the years, I have been a witness to his conscientious commitment to his roles as a husband, parent, friend, community leader and citizen. On a personal note, I have sought his counsel many times and always found his insight and feedback to be thoughtful, helpful and wise. I am honored to be able to state publicly that I know Jeff will be an excellent representative for the community of Snowmass Village.

Kim Nuzzo