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Letter to the editor: How about other ways of funding?

Mayor Markey Butler is worried that her Snowmass Village constituents will be reluctant to vote in favor of a new property tax to support the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority’s program to replace its bus fleet as well as initiate other new projects. She’s rightfully concerned that the community will have no appetite for a new property tax after their recent support for three property tax increases for sanitation, fire and schools. Rather than coming up with a new tax, how about selling the unproductive white elephant Building 6 that Town Council got suckered into accepting by their town staff and the Base Village developer? A portion of the resultant proceeds could then be contributed as Snowmass Village’s contribution to the RFTA improvements — hell of a lot less painful solution to the problem than trying to hit up the taxpayers once again and running the predictably high risk of a no vote.

Mel D. Blumenthal

Snowmass Village and Santa Monica, Calif.