Letter: Thanks to the community for help with Aspen High School prom

This past Saturday night was Aspen High School’s annual prom and it could not have been more amazing! Our night was beyond incredible thanks to the countless hands that helped Aspen High School create a magical night. A huge thank you to everyone that was involved, especially the Aspen Meadows team, for hosting us and creating a safe, fun venue. Thank you Elizabeth Slossberg and the rest of the EKS Events team for donating your time, effort and expertise to help make our prom as beautiful as it possibly could be! Thank you to all the teachers, administration and coaches, who love and care so much about us students, and for spending a Saturday night to chaperone us! Thank you Brian Stevens and the Aspen Police Department for making sure we were safe; we know you care. We couldn’t have done it without all the help from our amazing community. We love our hometown!

Aspen High School prom committee