Letter: Thank you for supporting RFTA

On behalf of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority Board of Directors and employees, we want to thank the public for its support of RFTA on Ballot Question 7A. We are grateful to you for entrusting RFTA with additional taxpayer revenue, which we will use to improve mobility, protect the environment, reduce automobile congestion and maintain its services. RFTA gives you its commitment that it will expend this funding wisely.

While gratified that 7A passed, the 52 percent to 48 percent margin of approval was narrow. We understand that RFTA must work hard to demonstrate that it deserves the confidence placed in it by a small majority of the electorate. Throughout the process of implementing the Destination 2040 Plan, RFTA will be committed to transparent communication about the cost and timing of service and capital improvements. More details about the Destination 2040 implementation plan for next year will be presented at the Jan. 10 board meeting.

Again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to those who voted in favor of RFTA Ballot Question 7A. We are excited and eager to begin delivering on our promises. Thank you for providing RFTA with the resources it needs to serve the region and you.

George Newman, RFTA Chairman

Dan Blankenship, RFTA CEO