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Letter: Strong leadership prevails

We are fortunate to have an intelligent, honest and forthright group of public officials doing the difficult and diligent work that we ask of them, enabled by their unquestioned community spirit and a clear and deliberative conscience. Notwithstanding last week’s unfortunate display of political petulance at an impending loss by a small yet vocal minority, I have a great deal of respect for the work that goes in to making prudent representative decisions for the betterment and forward progress of our community.

Yes, this is a small town and yes, random conversations occur that can help to inform an official and/or expedite process in a manner that has no substantive effect on the outcome of a vote. I have been offered frequent opportunities to have just such conversations with Councilman Chris Jacobson, even though as a tenant twice over in Base Village, I am also not the applicant yet clearly have a vested interest in the outcome. Our “ex-parte” conversations apparently had absolutely no effect on his ability to vote his conscience.

We also have eminently respected names like Bianca Hooker, Mary Beth Blake and Gracie Oliphant extolling council to put aside petty grievances and move forward. Ex-prosecutor Arnie Mordkin acknowledged the validity of the council vote and stated the additional legal action threatened by Jacobson and Richard Goodwin “would be detrimental to the community.” Bob Sirkus is right, Chris. Your actions clearly smack of dirty politics unbecoming of our village and the honorable people who represent it.

Scott Calliham

Snowmass Village

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