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Letter: Snowmass needs smart growth

Snowmass needs smart growth

So, East West pulls out when they could not get their way. Shucks, there goes our chance to resemble the canyons of Beaver Creek!

Congratulations to our Town Council for having the leadership and integrity for not caving to yet another in the long line of hustlers in the Base Village drama. This is why we elected many of you. Thanks for not letting us down. I don’t know about you, but I relate to Snowmass Village as my home, not an investment opportunity.

Here’s the upshot. The people of the Roaring Fork Valley are rising up against self-serving developers as has been witnessed by citizen interventions in the mid-valley, Basalt, Aspen and, before that, Carbondale. Unlike the Aspen City Council who are clearly out of sync with the electorate, we in Snowmass Village have a majority of the Town Council in tune with the will of the people. Thank you.

This is not about “no growth.” I would like to actually see something more get built up there. I would say it is about “smart growth.” In my mind the essence of smart growth is not about the construction of large new buildings, but that the impacts of development are bourne by the developer, not shifted to the community in which it occurs. It is also perfectly legitimate to ask: “How much growth is enough?” Many in our valley are asking that question today.

The “developers” only have the leverage if it is ceded to them. As Roger Marolt pointed out last week, we have the cards and we need not be in a hurry to play them. Related Whatever reminds me of the childhood fable, you know, the one where the Emperor Has No Clothes. Let us be clear, the developers cannot have their cake and eat it too!

Jeff Kremer

Snowmass Village

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