Letter: Snowmass Center redevelopment should meet land-use code standards

A file photo of the Snowmass Center and entrance to Clark's Market taken in February 2019.
File photo/Snowmass Sun

Center redevelopment should meet land-use code standards

As a 5/12th’s Snowmass Village resident since 2013 and avid tourist since 1976, I walk from Base Village to Snowmass Center most days and read Jordan Sarick’s Feb. 5 guest commentary about the Snowmass Center redevelopment with some skepticism because I live in Base Village where developers built view-blocking, ice-producing shadows of oversized urban-style buildings. As a Base Village owner, I am mistrustful of any claim or financial plan made by a developer. Therefore, I am entirely supportive of Town Council upholding the existing town development land-use code standards.

The commentary bothered me because of the four times it used the word “respect” in regards to: priorities of Snowmass Village, town’s current and future needs, character of distinctive community and the spirit and unique role in Snowmass Village. There is a clear lack of respect for the land-use code and respect for the ease of resident usage also appears to be lacking.

On the Jan. 21 Town Council agenda, it stated “the applicant is requesting to exceed the maximum height of the proposed underlying MU-2 zoning which is 38 feet” and a shared parking reduction from the land-use code requirement.

Eight of nine buildings are requesting significant increases in height of 45%, 37%, 37%, 32%, 29%, 29%, 21%, 18% above the land-use code at their highest points. I don’t want more of the walled-city style, do you?

The plan is for 50 fewer parking spaces than required by code. It is clear that there are many fewer readily accessible spaces on the same level for the quick mail pick up. It seems to me that is a major inconvenience to every person in the entire town who must pick up their mail at the post office.

Eastwood Developments, Inc. is an affiliate company of Samuel Sarick Limited and its “portfolio” emphasis states:

“Our history of property and asset management means that whether you are an equity partner, tenant or lender you can be sure that we have your best interests in mind.” Notice the absence of any focus of the guest commentary’s oft-mentioned ‘respect’ for neighborhood or community relationship or priority of community needs in this portfolio emphasis.

It would be great to have an updated Snowmass Center. The few improvements by Eastwood are noticeable already with brick paver repairs and unsightly paper vending kiosks removed. If Eastwood actually produced plans that truly respected the town’s existing land-use codes and the ease of use by Snowmass residents, then support for that type of project should be easy to come by.

Pat Keefer

Snowmass and Texas


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