Letter: Sculpture support in Snowmass

If you haven’t been past the Rodeo Lot in Snowmass Village for a while, there have been a few changes. We have roundabouts! And they work! The little one at Wood Road and Carriageway is so weird that drivers are actually safer than when it had stop signs. You go. No, you go. Screw it, let’s all go! The big one has improved the corner of Wood and Brush Creek roads immensely. It’s easier to get out of the upper center than the lower. The naysayers have been silenced. (Yes, I have.)

All roundabouts need art. Weeds just won’t cut it unless you’re already known as Aspen. It has been proposed that we put the logo of “The Flash” in the middle of it, and it’s being donated. I truly don’t care if it’s free. It should be given to Fumbuck, Oklahoma. DC Comics characters have nothing to do with Snowmass Village unless it’s a symbol of how fast we can part you from your hard-earned dollars.

It is a cool sculpture, but it would be more profound if we placed the original Snowmass Village logo in the roundabout. You know, the upside-down Saint Bernard that morphed into a flower that was our logo until the marketing department changed it, several times.

The one thing I’ve always heard about logos is to never change them. That flower/dog was the symbol of Snowmass Village for several decades. Its nostalgic properties alone would remind us of our short history as a town. Our long-time return guests would appreciate the acknowledgement of our roots as a great real estate scam that was in need of a logo way back in the 1960s and the fact that we’ve gone to the dogs in recent years.

For the record, Snowmass Village should change its logo back to the flower/dog. The new logo(s) haven’t been around long enough to be ingrained in people’s minds. The old one was, and is, the Snowmass Village icon that everyone recognizes. That instant recognition is why you never change your logo. Instant recognition is the very definition of “logo.”

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village