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Letter: Proud of town of Snowmass Village

Proud of Town of Snowmass Village

The Snowmass Village Town Council and staff, with the Planning Commission, have been working steadily through the foot-high stack of Base Village 2 application details. Each week, the council reviews about 200 pages of staff-prepared recommendations from staff research and Planning Commission meetings.

The two- to five-hour meetings are grueling but productive. On Monday night, they addressed the single sentence on Page 4 of the 24-page Parking Management Plan that would have given the right to rezone Base Village parking to the developer-controlled Base Village Co. at their discretion.

The town appropriately retained the right to change zoning. As primarily part-time residents, many were skeptical that the town would help the existing Base Village property owners in Capitol Peak. Clearly, none of us can vote in Snowmass Village elections. Thank you to every member of the Town Council for doing a good job.

The fact that the town listened, analyzed its role, asked pertinent questions and made the best decision that would be correct for any town development gives me a lot of confidence that as Base Village 2 goes through the steps for potential approval, all the town of Snowmass Village folks working on this will do the very best they can on behalf of all of the town stakeholders.

About six weeks ago, I wrote about parking issues at Base Village for Capitol Peak (“Base Village parking pain or profit,” Letters to the Editor, The Aspen Times, July 8). Yet to be resolved is how to handle the commercial Mountain Club parking planted in the middle of two residential parking areas. A separate gate and fences seem to be in order. We hope that Related and Aspen Skiing Co. are guided by at least two of the principles of the community-service-oriented Rotary Club. Is it the truth? And is it fair to all concerned?

Patricia Jayne Keefer, Base Village Capitol Peak owner