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Letter: Nothing to do without Village Market

Dear Editor,

I recently read with great sadness that Village Market is slated to close at the end of the ski season. When I read that employees were crying and hysterical at hearing the news, I could picture some of them doing exactly that, just as I was. You see, Village Market is more than a place to buy discounted meats or grab a quick salad for lunch. It is where life stands still.

I went to Village Market nearly every day during the 15 years I lived in Snowmass Village. Inevitably, especially when I was in a hurry, I would get Pazared. That’s when the produce manager, Jerry Pazar, would corner me and talk about employee housing or another hot-button issue.

Debbie, one of the managers there, and I shared stories of our kids growing up. She often brought me bags full of clothes her older sons had grown out of.

I have been out of the area for more than eight years. When I visit, the aspect of my family’s vacation I look forward to the most is not hiking, biking, river rafting, shopping or even skiing. It’s visiting Village Market. For the past 23 years, not much has changed there. And I like that.

Most of the time, my kids and I walk the mile from our family’s home to the store. We meet the morning crowd getting coffee and delicious pastries (yum!). I grab a Diet Coke and look around for Jerry Pazar. I don’t mind getting Pazared these days. Since I am on vacation, I have all day to spend in the market. Then, I’ll see Debbie or her husband, Greg, and it’s as if I never left Snowmass Village.

Village Market is one of the few places in the village that nearly everyone has to visit. Everyone needs food, right? So the chances of running into an old friend are better here than almost anywhere. (Sundance runs a close second, of course.)

I asked a friend if he thought it was normal that I look forward to visiting a grocery store in one of the most beautiful resorts in the country. He said it’s because I want to pretend I still live there. He’s right. I do.

I know things have to change. But I don’t want them to. Especially this. I do hope the new owners of the market will stay true to their word and keep the dedicated employees at this location. I hope they keep the Coke fountain, too. Otherwise, I’ll have nothing to do when I go on vacation to Snowmass Village.

Mary Beth Bassett

Galveston, Texas

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