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Letter: More poop in Snowmass Village

I read with interest the article by the town of Snowmass Parks and Trails Department in the most recent edition of the Snowmass Sun. While it is well written and I have no fault with it lamenting about a few dog poops fouling our nostrils and contaminating our waterways, as if this is the only major issue, but to ignore droppings by foxes, coyotes and the ever-present geese I find interesting. If you really want to take issue with fecal matter contaminating our waterways, just walk around the Snowmass golf course and look over the banks around the ponds and creeks and what you will find is large accumulations of goose poop raked up by the folks who tend the golf course and dumped there (out of sight out of mind). Time and water from rain, snow melt and I imagine sprinkler systems break these piles down and wash them into the waterways. I contend that this is actually a bigger issue with contamination of our waterways than dog poops.

Tom Catlin

Snowmass Village