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Letter: Keep Gwyn’s with family

Keep Gwyn’s with family

It recently came to our attention, through a town of Snowmass Village email that Aspen Skiing Co. currently does not plan on renewing the lease to Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant after the expiration of the current lease. We have further learned from researching the news that Skico plans on taking over the operation of the restaurant, though the plan is to keep Whitney Gordon involved in the operation.

We are writing in support of continuing to lease to the Knowlton/Gordon family instead of Skico taking over the restaurant operation. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” Gwyn’s, as a family-owned restaurant, has been a successful venture since 1979. We understand that Skico has a strategy of owning all the dining at the ski resorts, but we implore Skico to consider that there may be a flaw in that strategy as it pertains to Gwyn’s. Of all the dining available at all four hills, Gwyn’s has always been our favorite. The primary appeal to us has been the warmth of the family and feeling like we belong there because of this connection. So many resorts have dining facilities that are completely impersonal; Gwyn’s is the antipathy of that. We know that thousands of families must feel the same about Gwyn’s, and it would be a great loss to all of us to have the Knowlton/Gordon family no longer continue full operation of the restaurant. We consider ourselves progressive people and that improvements can always be made, but in this case we feel that staying with a tradition is the smartest course of action for Skico.

Rich Williams, Allison Renshaw and Atticus Williams

Encinitas, Calif., and Snowmass Village