Letter: “Hannah’s Roundabout”

“Hannah’s Roundabout”

Dear Editor,

“Hannah’s Roundabout” in Snowmass Village at intersection of Brush Creek Road, Woods Road and Kearns Road:

In 2013, after a slice of pizza from Taster’s in Snowmass Center, I walked through the very busy intersection on Brush Creek Road to get back to Base Village. After making it through the intersection, I heard a loud “thump.”

I turned around just in time to see what I thought was a piece of luggage falling off the top of a vehicle. I yelled to someone — “can you help — it looks like that guy just lost his luggage! It fell off his car!” Getting over to the piece of “luggage”, I realized it was a young woman who was crumpled in the intersection after being hit by a car.

Many thanks to Snowmass Town Council for approving and Related for funding “Hannah’s Roundabout.”

As part of Snowmass’ Connectivity Plan for the future, I hope the new owner of Snowmass Center (congratulations) will work with the Town of Snowmass Village to build the aerial connection from Base Village to Town Center. Easements are in place as well landing sites in Base Village and alongside Woods Road.

Can you imagine getting off the ski slopes and riding an aerial gondola from Base Village to Town Center? It can happen. Just depends when.

Thank you,

Toni Kronberg