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Letter: Farewell, Town of Snowmass

After 35 and a half years as a Town of Snowmass Village employee in the Public Works Department and most recently as the Road Superintendent, the town management has decided to eliminate my position as part of their future plans. I was terminated on May 8 and will not be allowed to finish my career with the town and the job that I loved being so much part of who I am.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of our wonderful community for all the years of support and friendships that have made this such a special place for my family to live, work, play and enjoy.

I will continue to serve this town in many ways and cherish the people who have become a part of my life in Snowmass Village. I will proudly move forward to find a new career to support my family and remain active in the valley that I love. Thank you again, for your respect and support.

John Baker

Snowmass Village