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Letter: Don’t ignore history

In response to the Shalens’ letter to the editor “Related lacks respect for Snowmass residents” (Aug. 6, The Aspen Times), I couldn’t agree more. Allowing Related to be granted an extension of its vested rights is ridiculous. How can you grant vested rights on nothing? Related has not come forward with any plan to deserve this consideration.

Being a 30-plus-year resident and business owner in Snowmass Village, I am sick and tired of all these different developers trying to stick it to us because they know what’s “good for us.” Mark my words, within a few years, if these development rights are extended, Related will be a thing of the past and down the road, and we will be dealing with someone else telling us the same old stuff. Just go back into Snowmass history. We have had at least five to six developers telling us the same story.

Remember, one can’t forget history. All we really get is a bunch of hooey and years more of construction traffic and soon-to-be-broken promises. I urge the Planning Commission and the Town Council to reject any extensions.

Mike Sura

Snowmass Village


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